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Can into space?
Polandball, staring at the night sky

Poland is the main character of this franchise. He works as a plumber for the United Kingdom, and in his free time he dreams about going to space. He hates communism, having experienced it. He is also very Christian and values traditional culture very much.

The flag on this Polish ball is usually drawn upside down, because, well, everything in Poland is upside down, according to Reddit at least.

Historia (History)[edit | edit source]

Poland was a communist puppet of the Soviet Union before June 4th 1989, when the communist government stepped down due to protest and a democratic government was formed. Poland's economy slowed down, but was saved thanks to economic boom starting as early as 1995.

Poland became a member of the Visegrád Group in 1991, joined NATO in 1999, and voted to join the EU in 2004. And in 2007, Poland joined the Schengen Area, opening its borders to all other European Union member states. Poland has made its clear that he is pro-Western.

Poland got infected with COVID-19 in 2020, and it had over 6,661,600 cases over the course of around 4 years to this day.

After the start of the Russian invasion of Ukraine in 2022, more than 17 million Ukrainian refugees have crossed the Polish-Ukrainian border, and 0.9 million have stayed in Poland. And in 2022, missiles from the war landed in Poland, killing 2 people. Poland have been waiting to activate NATO's Article 5 ever since.

Drobnostki (Trivia)[edit | edit source]

  • Poland has one of the world's oldest salt mines.
  • Vodka originated from Poland, not Russia.
  • Poland had the world's first upside down house (iconic!)
  • Poland actually can into space in real life.[1] There is also the other countries that cannot into space in real life, including Somalia, South Sudan, Eritrea, Liechtenstein and few countries. However, they’re not stereotyped like this as Poland is.

Relacje (Relations)[edit | edit source]

Przyjaciele (Friends)[edit | edit source]

  • Węgry - Polak, Węgier Dwa Bratanki! My best friend ever. Can best friends since of Middle Ages. We are not of relatives, but we call each other siblings. We are rivals in the sport of football only. Both into hatings  Reich kraut . Thanks for accepting my refugees in 1939. Even if we speak a different language, we still understand each other. Usually I cheer him up when he is sad. But I have to help Ukraine instead of siding with Russia due to history between two of us Slavs, so sorry brother.
  • Litwa - My crush friend that can into many good history together!
  • Dania - We had a long history together, you helped me in medieval wars! And only fought me once
  • Niemcy - A friend. We have had a long love-hate friendship with each other. PLS HELP INTO SPACE!
  • Ukraina (until late 2023) - You're welcome for the support!

Wrogowie (Enemies)[edit | edit source]

  • Rosja - I'm waiting, I'm waiting for you to trigger Article 5...

Jak Rysować (How to draw)[edit | edit source]

Flag of Poland
(right-side-up version)
  1. Draw a ball.
  2. Fill the top half of the ball with red, the bottom half with white (vise versa for non-meme version)
  3. Add the eyes and you are done!
Color Name HEX
Red #DC143C

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