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Editing Guide

  • When editing, make sure to log on to your account. It makes us easier to identify who you are.
  • Each page should have the image drawn by me ( Heterodontosaurus) in their infoboxes.
  • There should be the official name, native name (Latin name if there is no native name), and the year they started and ended to exist.
  • The infobox should also have predecessor and succeeder (if they have one).
  • An introduction is needed, followed by a history section.
  • In the introduction, the character’s name should be mentioned and bolded.
  • All sections (except for the Gallery section, Notes section and in some cases, the Anthem section) should be before the How to Draw section.
  • Put a space between text and icons. It looks better.
  • Refrain from using swear words. If you use swear words, censor them. The only case a “swear” is allowed is that if it is part of a name.
  • Every mention of a country, ideology or person that is not the page’s subject should have an icon and link.
    • Language links:
      • English - Commonwealth of Nations
      • French - International Organisation of La Francophonie
      • Spanish - Hispanics
      • Portuguese - Community of Portuguese Language Countries
      • Dutch - Dutch Colonial Empire
      • German - German Language Union
      • The rest just links to their respective countries or their closest ethnicities.
      • If, for example, Irish is mentioned on the Ireland page, it should link to another Irish country, like the Irish Free State.
    • For people, link them to their closest ideologies. If you don’t know, link them to their country of origin.

Allowed & Not Allowed Ball Types

A wide variety of balls, like countries, polcomp, companies, and more. I will be going over which balls is allowed here and which not.


  • Countryballs - The original, basically what this wiki is based off of.
  • Planetballs - Intresting, and close enough to countryballs.
  • Polcompballs - Intresting, and close enough to countryballs.
  • Companyballs - Less intresting, but still close enough to countryballs.
  • Philosophyballs - Intresting, and close enough to polcompballs.
  • Ethnicityballs - Intresting, and close enough to countryballs. Only ethnicities without their own country are allowed to have a page of their own.
  • LGBTballs, Disorderballs, & other relatedballs - Though I don’t agree with their movement and do not like their agenda at all, they are still intresting and triggers my vexillology brain.
  • Geographyballs (mountains, rivers, etc.) - Less intresting, but still close enough to country/planetballs.
  • Chromeballs (computer softwareballs) - Intresting, and close enough to companyballs.

Not Allowed:

  • VideoGameballs - Diving too deep into other fandoms.
  • Languageballs - Feels like a duplicate of countryballs.