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History of me and Countryballs[edit | edit source]

I got into countryballs in early 2021, during the COVID pandemic. I had a DeviantArt account, so I decided to start drawing countryballs and post them there. I drew on an online collaborative website called “”, which is now owned by and overshadowed by Magma. I was just starting to draw stuff and didn’t know lots of things, but I managed to do decent.

On May 4, 2021, I joined the Polandball Amino. I also started to post my drawings there. I also tried out several Polandball games, like Polandball: Potato Mayhem, Polandball: Not Safe For World, and others.

After a while, I saw PolishTortise’s videos and how the countryballs jump around on a yellow map with their territories in red. This inspired me to make a new countryball drawing series, where I draw a countryball with their background being a yellow map, with their territories marked in red. These drawings eventually became pretty popular, being at the top of searches and sometimes being included on YouTube thumbnails.

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