North Korea

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North Korea, officially the Democratic People's Republic of Korea (DPRK) is a totalitarian country with communist philosophy. He is located in east Asia, on the north half of the Korean Peninsula. He is known for exploiting his population, starving peasants while getting the highest level of comfort himself, and being very, VERY isolated.

North Korea is very full of himself, believing that he is the superior being to all those on Earth.

Since North Korea was such a terrible place to live, many people decided to escape him. This made North Korea reinforce his borders over and over again, making it almost impossible for anyone to leave the country. Along the DMZ border with South Korea, there are tons of soldiers waiting to shoot anyone who attempts to cross it. Escaping to the north to China and Russia isn't any easier, both countries have agreed to send any escaped North Korean back to North Korea is they caught them. Plus, on these dangerous routes, getting someone to drive you there is extremely expensive.

North Korea also constantly threatens the world with nuclear destruction.

역사 (History)[edit | edit source]

On 1948, September 9, the Democratic People's Republic of Korea is officially established, with Kim Il-Sung as the leader. North Korea wanted unify Korea under communism, so on June 25, 1950, the North Korean forces (backed by China and the Soviet Union) invaded South Korea. The North Koreans were very successful, pushing the South Koreans to the edge of their border. But just when it seemed like North Korea was about to win, the United States decides to intervene and the tables were quickly turned. America and allies beat the North Koreans to their northern border with China, which the communist Chinese forces once again turned the tables, pushing the Westerners to around the center of the Korean Peninsula. A peace treaty was signed finally, ending the war in stalemate.

Kim Il-Sung creates a cult of personality, and the Soviet Union helps North Korea to build himself to a better country. China also tried to do this in competition of Soviet’s influence, just to be exploited. North Korea also built up a large military and nuclear program.

On 8 July, 1994, Kim Il-Sung dies, and is succeeded by his son, Kim Jong-Il. Under his rule, North Korea faces a severe famine in the mid-1990s, resulting in widespread starvation and economic hardship. This was caused by policy failure and also droughts and other natural disasters. This famine is known as the “Arduous March”. 240,000 to 3.5 million North Koreans died due to this.

Following Kim Jong-Il's death on December 17, 2011, his son Kim Jong-Un succeeded him. Under Kim Jong-Un, North Korea conducts further nuclear tests and missile launches, heightening tensions with the international community, especially neighboring countries like South Korea and Japan. He also faces international sanctions and isolation due to his nuclear program and human rights abuses. North Korea also announces that now he is considering the North Koreans and South Koreans as separate ethnic groups.

To this day, North Korea remains a tightly controlled, isolated state with a nuclear arsenal.

북한에서의 생활 (Life in North Korea)[edit | edit source]

Note: it contains common theories and the informations might not be truthful

The life in North Korea is hard.

관계 (Relations)[edit | edit source]

친구 (Friends)[edit | edit source]

  • 중국 - Thank yuo forr giving me moneh! Yuo want me to spend it on weopons to destroy west pigs raight? What yuo mean for food? I’m just following yuo as example! Also I built the Pyongyang subway all by myself! even though I didn’t spend a single penny on it
  • 러시아 - Friendly towards me and agreed to send any escaped traitors back to my clay for punishment! Respect.
  • 투르크메니스탄 - We both have similar personalities.

적 (Enemies)[edit | edit source]

  • 미국 - Capitalist pig!! How dare yuo impose sanction on my glorious form? I will nuke yuo!!!!
  • 도널드 트럼프 - How dare yuo to threaten to rain fire and fury on me! Yuo know who I am?! Though yuo the first US president to set foot in my clay.

하찮은 일 (Trivia)[edit | edit source]

  • When Kim Il-Sung and Kim Jong-Il died, a hundred days of mourning would commence. If someone didn't show their sadness, he/she and their family will get executed.
  • Wearing jeans in North Korea is prohibited because it shows “ American capitalism”.
  • Despite popular beliefs, it used to like nukes and missiles until 2017, when Kim Jong Un shut their productions down.

그리는 방법 (How to draw)[edit | edit source]

Flag of North Korea
  1. Draw a ball.
  2. Draw three stripes horizontally, in this order: blue, red, blue.
  3. Draw thin white stripes in between the borders between the blue and red.
  4. Draw a white circle on the left of the red stripe.
  5. Draw a red star in the white circle.
  6. Add the eyes and you are done!
Color Name HEX
Red #ED1C27
Blue #024FA2