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Israel, officially the State of Israel, is a country located in the Levant, which is in the Middle East. Israel is surrounded by enemies, like Palestine, Lebanon, and Iran. Israel is also the only country that has a Jewish majority population in the world, and it was born in 1948. Israel hates it when people call it a " Russian Arab " or any of other stereotypes: Playing the violin, controlling the world, being rich and greedy, having a big or long nose, or having nothing but deserts.

There are some countries (23 in total) that do not recognize the cube, such as not accepting his passports, and some that used to hold diplomatic relations with the cube in the past but later withdrew. There are also countryballs that want him gone for what they officially describe as "resistance".

The reason why Israel and all other Jews are cubes is because of a joke called “ JEWISH PHYSICS”. It referred to the time where Nazis rejected discoveries made by Jewish scientists, marking them as “ Jewish Physics”. In a very old comic (possibly the first comic where Israel made an appearance), Israel said that he discovered that countries are not balls, but rather a 4D shape known as the Tesseract. This was later commonly simplified to just a cube later.

הִיסטוֹרִיָה (History)[edit | edit source]

1948-1958[edit | edit source]

The modern State of Israel was established after lots of ethnical clashes which made it clear that Jews and Arabs ( Palestine) could not co-exist peacefully. So, the United Kingdom left Mandatory Palestine to the United Nations who in 1948 proposed a partition plan where they would split Mandatory Palestine 50/50. Jews agreed and Israel was born, finally becoming an independent nation. But Arabs ( Palestine) refused and a day later and Israel was attacked by Iraq, Syria, Egypt and Jordan along with the support of the Arab League, starting the 1948 Arab-Israeli War.

Israel was able to win the war thanks to a network responsible for arms shipments from Eastern Europe, mostly Yugoslavia and Czechoslovakia. This network would later be purged by the Soviet Union, who grew increasingly anti-Zionist. With his victory, Israel annexed most clay in Palestine except for the Gaza Strip that was under the control of Egypt and the West Bank that was under the control of Jordan. A mass exodus of Palestinians occurred, with many fleeing to neighboring Arab nations.

In the following years, Israel began to develop a close relationship with USA and aligned himself with the Western Bloc, while his neighboring Arabs allied with Soviet Union and the Eastern Bloc. In 1956, the cube joined United Kingdom and France in their attack against Egypt, occupying the Sinai Peninsula until March 1957. Israel escaped the political humiliation that befell United Kingdom and France following their forced withdrawal, withdrawing instead without guarantees. However, they later moved their military back to Sinai just before the Six-Day War.

1958-1970[edit | edit source]

In 1964, PLO (Palestine Liberation Organization) was founded following an earlier decision of the Arab League, with its goal being the liberation (getting rid of Israel) of Palestine through armed struggle. In 1966, the Israeli cube attacked West Bank under Jordan, saying that Palestine’s guerrillas had crossed his border, also accusing Syria of financing and arming the Palestineballs, starting then hostilities with it. The next year in 1967, Six-Day War occured, in which the Israeli cube fought against: Iraq, Syria, Jordan, Lebanon and Egypt and still won in six days. It was a victory so great that Sabaton made a song about it. Israel took over Golan Heights from Syria, West Bank from Jordan, Gaza Strip and North Sinai and South Sinai from Egypt. Israelcube and Egypt began fighting the War of Attrition soon after, which continued until 1970.

1970-1976[edit | edit source]

In 1970, PLO attacked Jordan (Black September in Jordan), and Israel, through Lebanon ( Palestinian insurgency in Southern Lebanon). In 1972, a group of Palestinians known as the Black September Organization held the Israeli Olympic team hostage in Munich and massacred all of them. In response to this, the Mossad started Operation Wrath of God to kill all of those involved.

In 1973, Yom Kippur War occurred, in which the Arabs attempted to retake the territories they lost to Israelcube in the Six-Day War. Even though the cube repelled the attacks, he went through some difficulties in the war, needing resupply help from USA, and even considered the use of nuclear weapons, what he calls the "Samson Option". The same year, Israel launched several attacks against the PLO in Southern Lebanon. In 1976, Uganda helped PFLP hold a plane full of Israelis hostage, resulting in an Israeli attack, during which the Israeli military deployed several planes carrying armored personnel carriers and soldiers, which killed the hijackers, Ugandan soldiers, and destroyed several Ugandan fighter jets.

1976-1994[edit | edit source]

In 1978, Israelcube finally agreed to peace with Egypt and gave the Sinai Peninsula back in return during the Camp David accords. That same year, Israel attacked Southern Lebanon, resulting in a PLO retreat. In 1982, Israel launched a full attack on Lebanon, resulting in the complete expulsion of the PLO. This invasion ended in 1985 but marked the beginning of the South Lebanon conflict, a war which continued until Hezbollah forced Israel to withdrawal in 2000. In 1985, in response to the murder of 3 Israelis on their yacht in Cyprus, Israel destroyed the PLO headquarters in Tunisia with fighter jets.

While all of this was happening, large numbers of Israelis started settling in the West Bank, forcing Palestinians off of their land one more time and generally making it harder for Israelcube and Palestine to agree to peace. Anger over all of this erupted into the First Intifada, which began as a series of protests and boycotts but soon erupted into violence in the form of riots and violent attacks. The first intifada ran from 1987 to 1993. In 1993, the Oslo accords were negotiated, resulting in the formation of Palestine's official government. However, both Israeli and Palestinian extremists used violence in an attempt to derail these agreements. The Terrorist organization Hamas organized bombings and the Israeli prime minister was assassinated by a far-right Israeli. Israelcube made peace with Jordan in 1994.

1994-2005[edit | edit source]

In the context of South Lebanon conflict, Israelcube launched Operation Grapes of Wrath in 1996 to stop rocket attacks by Hezbollah through extensive air raids and shelling. A second summit at Camp David was held in 2000 for further peace talks, but nothing came up. Palestinians, believing that peace would not be achieved due to this, began the Second Intifada, which was way more violent and bloody than the first. Israel-cube attempted to suppress these uprisings, but the violence was too widespread to simply suppress with force. This largely ended after the Israel, Palestine, Egypt, and Jordan held the Sharm El Sheikh summit in 2005, where both sides agreed to stop attacking each other. As part of the agreement, Israelcube disengaged from Gaza Strip the same year, both militarily and civilly.

2005-2020[edit | edit source]

After Hamas won elections in Gaza Strip, he used his new control over Gaza to attack the cube. In response to this, Israelcube supplied the emergency government with weapons and put Gaza Strip under a strict blockade with help from Egypt, depriving the civilian population of goods and infrastructure. Many tunnel networks exist in attempts to supply civilian goods and animals, but some also exist to provide shelter/resources for Hamas military campaigns. Hamas and Fatah were able to form another unitary government in 2014, but that also fell apart due to Operation Protective Edge and other events in Gaza Strip.

Also in 2006, Hezbollah and Israel went into an intense war. Following a 2004 prisoner exchange deal to get all Lebanese prisoners in Israeli prisons back with Germany as the middle man. But Israel-cube didn't release all prisoners. On 22 November 2005 Hezbollah attempted kidnapping Israeli soldiers but failed and lost 3 members, but in 2006 Hezbollah succeeded by ambushing 2 Israeli humvees with anti-tank guns, killing 3 soldiers, before taking 2 hostages, that were going to be swapped for the rest of the Lebanese prisoners, but they ended up dying later of wounds. Israelcube then responded with airstrikes and shellings, both on military assets and civilian infrastructure in Lebanon.

Various other wars, skirmishes, and operations happened in the following years, such as Operation Summer Rains in 2006, Operation Cast Lead in 2008, Operation Pillar of Defense in 2012, Operation Protective Edge in 2014, and Operation Guardian of The Walls in 2021. In 2008, Israel offered Palestine to be a state, but he rejected the offer because he did not get all the clay in the West Bank. In time Israel and Palestine got tired of looking for any solution for peace.

2020-Present[edit | edit source]

On 7 October 2023, Hamas, operating in the Gaza Strip, launched a series of attacks against Israel, resulting in several of Israeli civilians dying because of this, further escalating the conflict in the region. In response, Israel invaded Palestinian clay in Gaza. Since then, over 27,000 Palestinians have been killed, two-thirds of whom were women and children. Israel has occupied the northern part of Gaza Strip’s clay, and millions of people have fled Palestine.

In response to this, South Africa filed a genocide case against Israel to the United Nations. The latter agreed and told Israel to stop, proving that it is the most useless organization on Earth.

In February 2024, Israelcube announced plans to invade Rafah, where millions of refugees already live. Benjamin Netanyahu asked the cityball to evacuate their citizens, finally causing the West-including USA-to condemn Israel.

יחסים (Relations)[edit | edit source]

חברים (Friends)[edit | edit source]

  • ארצות הברית - Best friend. Gib weapons, and don't forget some shekels. Ani return technology, medicine and weapons. Also America, please no gib information a classified to Russia. That information was only for sharings between you, me, and all of ha-allies. Also doesn't recognize Palestine which is good. Even the two leading sides who hates each other that is Trump and Biden all support me!
  • אזרבייג'ן - Anyone who dislikes Iran is a friend of mine! Even if kebab themselves. take that nuclear Iran! Best kebab friend. Keep buying my guns please.

אויבים (Enemies)[edit | edit source]


איך לצייר (How to draw)[edit | edit source]

Flag of Zion
  1. Draw a cube.
  2. Fill the ball with white.
  3. Draw two blue stripes close to the top and bottom edges of the cube. Make sure to leave some space between though.
  4. Draw a blue Star of David in between the blue stripes.
  5. Add the eyes and you are done!
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