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North Atlantic Treaty Organization, more commonly known as NATO, is a military alliance established in 1949 by the United States, Canada, and several Western European nations. His main purpose is to guarantee the freedom and security of its members and stop the influence of commies in the West through political and military violence means.

NATO was founded on April 4, 1949, during the Cold War. His goal is to be secure against threats, (originally the Soviet Union, now mainly Russia) by making political and military cooperation among member states. An attack on one member is considered an attack on all (This is famously known as Article 5 of the North Atlantic Treaty). Members will also discuss and work together on security issues, as well as conduct operations to manage international conflicts.

Think of NATO as a club of countries where they agree to defend each other if attacked and to consult on security matters. It fosters cooperation and provides a platform for a united response to threats.

History[edit | edit source]

After WWII, European countries struggled to get their economies up and running again and assure their security. They needed a gigantic amount of help to re-establish their means of agriculture and to assure the inhabitants that Germany or any other country will not surge to power and cause another war. Incursions from the Soviet Union, the secondary super-power at the time were also a constant worry.

USA thought that an economically strong, rearmed, and cooperative Europe was crucial to prevent the spread of communism. And from 1947 to 1948, a series of events causes the European countries to become even more paranoid about their physical and political security causing America to become more involved in European affairs. These included but were not limited to tensions rising between Türkiye, an ongoing civil war in Greece, a Soviet-sponsored coup in Czechoslovakia which resulted in a communist government coming to power (which is close to Germany), elections in Italy as the communist party had made significant gains among Italian voters, and the split of Germany forming East Germany and West Germany was also quite controversial.

Then in 1948, the leader of Soviet Union, Joseph Stalin, chose to test the Western countries by implementing a blockade against West Berlin which was jointly occupied by France, Britain, and USA. It was in Brussels they created an intergovernmental organization to prevent the rest of Europe from falling under Communist hands. The alliance was "The North Atlantic Treaty Organization", abbreviated to NATO.

Since the death of the Commie Union, NATO evolved and USA now reprogrammed it to bring freedom™ to the Arabs, defend Europe, North America, and more! Although its means of doing so are questionable. When Russia invaded Ukraine, all NATO members agreed to condemn Russia with the exception of Hungary.

Operations[edit | edit source]

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Bosnian War [edit | edit source]

NATO was first instructed to help monitor the Bosnian War with the United Nations. But over time, NATO's involvement in the war grew, like stopping ships to inspect their cargo. On February 28, 1994, the scope of NATO involvement in Bosnia increased dramatically. They shot down Serb jets. NATO launched Operation Deliberate Force in 1995 in response to the ongoing conflict and ethnic cleansing in Bosnia. The operation aimed to compel the Bosnian Serb forces to cease their attacks on civilian populations and to enforce compliance with United Nations Security Council resolutions. NATO conducted a series of air strikes targeting strategic military positions, command centers, and infrastructure associated with the Bosnian Serb army.

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Members[edit | edit source]

Relations[edit | edit source]

Friends[edit | edit source]

  • United States of America - He is the very best member. Also founding member. Also the liberator of Western Europe. Has many great tanks, soldiers, jets, bombers, ships, and nukes spread out.
  • Sweden - Welcome! We will protect you from Russia.

Enemies[edit | edit source]

  • Soviet Union - Commie! Stop threatening your neighbors and stop oppressing your people! We are here to bring DEMOCRACY!!!
  • China - I don’t know you very well, but you seem like trouble.

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