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Yes, we love this country as it rises forth, rugged, weathered, above the sea, with those thousand homes.
Norway’s Anthem (Yes, we love this country)

Norway, officially the Kingdom of Norway, is a country located in Northern Europe. He has one of the most beautiful anthems in the world. He likes to hike, ski and fish. He is also rich in oil and iron. His prisons are also the nicest.

While he does worry about its fighting chance against Russia, it has NATO to protect it. It used to have the highest HDI (Human Development Index) in the world, until Switzerland took that. Norway is ranked as the most democratic country in the world.

Historie (History)[edit | edit source]

Norway declares independence from Sweden, ending the union that had existed since 1814. Women gained the right to vote in 1913 and continue to advance in political and social spheres throughout the 20th century.

In WWI, Norway remains neutral. But Norway experiences economic hardships due to disruptions in trade. Norway declares neutrality at the outbreak of World War II, but is invaded by Nazi Germany on April 9, 1940. The government fleed to Britain, establishing a government-in-exile. Norwegian resistance fighters, along with Allied forces, engage in acts of sabotage against the German occupation. On May 8th, 1945: Germany surrenders, and Norway is liberated.

Norway becomes a founding member of the United Nations in 1945. Norway joins NATO on 4 April 1949. The country experiences rapid economic growth, particularly in the oil and gas sectors following the discovery of significant offshore reserves in the North Sea in the late 1960s.

Norway plays an active role in brokering the Oslo Accords between Israel and the Palestine Liberation Organization (PLO) in the 1990s.

Fairly recently, some terrorists are attacking Norway, including by bombing and mass shooting. This further encouraged Norway to continue to be a prominent advocate for peace, human rights, and environmental sustainability on the global stage.

Relasjoner (Relations)[edit | edit source]

Venner (Friends)[edit | edit source]

  • Denmark - Best friend. He is of very kind but why's it in Sissies Club? More stronk in union. You is of also sounding like you have a potato up your throat.
  • Taiwan - Real China who also helped Ukraine to recognize Crimea as his clay. And we both hate yuor communist sibling. Wish I could recognize him.

Hvordan Tegne (How to draw)[edit | edit source]

Flag of Norway
  1. Draw a ball.
  2. Fill it with red.
  3. Draw a blue Nordic cross on the ball.
  4. Put a white border around the Nordic cross.
  5. Add the eyes and yuo are finished!
Color Name HEX
Red #BA0C2F
Blue #00205B

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