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Belarus or Byelorussia is a country located in Eastern Europe. She is a huge fan of Russia, and is also pretty isolated from the rest of the world. She is a common dictatorship, with fake elections and everything a dictatorship would have in the 21st century.

Due to her very closed (potato addicted?) personality, Belarus has not joined many international organizations. Belarus does however maintain membership in organizations that are Russian friendly, such as CSTO, Eurasian Economic Union, and the Union State, as well as the United Nations like almost every other country in the world.

Belarus is often seen as a very strange and antisocial country. While she does get along with her neighbors, Belarus tends to mostly hang out with her brother Russia, even Belarus's name literally means "White Russia". However, Belarus is beginning to open up and actually talk and have diplomatic relations with the other countries, cause while her relationship with her brother is good, it's not exactly perfect as Russia often acts like Belarus is his puppet state, forcing her to do things extreme such as recognizing Abkhazia and South Ossetia.

Гісторыя (History)[edit | edit source]

Belarus gained independence in 1991 amidst the dissolution of the Commie Union. Since then, Belarus has maintained a close relationship with Russia. In 1995, Belarus changed her flag coinciding with the rise of Lukashenko.

In 2020, after Lukashenko's won his 6th term, Belarus witnessed its largest protests ever as people alleged electoral fraud. The authorities responded with arrests, sparking further unrest. The international community, including the European Union, United States, Canada, and Japan, refused to recognize the election results. In a notable incident in May 2021, Belarus diverted a commercial flight ( Ryanair Flight 4978) to arrest an opposition journalist, prompting widespread condemnation and sanctions from the European Union and others.

In retaliation, Belarus reportedly encouraged migrants from Syria, Iraq, and elsewhere to seek entry into neighboring European Union countries, leading to a humanitarian crisis at the borders of Poland, Lithuania, and Latvia. EU leaders pushed for more sanctions, and NATO condemned Belarus's actions. Meanwhile, Russia voiced support for Belarus and deployed nuclear-capable bombers in its airspace. Exploiting the chaos, Russia escalated tensions by mobilizing troops near the Ukrainian border, creating a new crisis amid the ongoing turmoil.

Адносіны (Relations)[edit | edit source]

Сябры (Friends)[edit | edit source]

  • Сербія - My goodness. He is the best person I have ever met. He is nice, he is the only one I truly adore and he understands me! Anyone who attacks Serbia also attacks Rossiya and BELARUS!!! SERBIA STRONGER!
  • Расея - We are of siblings and I will always support you, though you abuse and basically use me as your puppet... I forgive yuo as I mostly agree with you politically. Plus, he is the closest thing I have to a Soviet Union, so love you always, brother
  • Казахстан - Good central Asian friend.
  • Кітай - BEST FRIEND! He loves me and my army. I love Huawei, but sadly Poland and Ukraine hate him. I will support you, Russia and Iran against those who hate you!

Ворагі (Enemies)[edit | edit source]

Дробязі (Trivia)[edit | edit source]

  • Belarus banned inflation.
  • Despite Belarusian being the main official language of the Belarus, the citizens living there barely speak it. In fact, Russian is the most popular language. Schools typically use the Russian language, only teaching Belarusian as it's own separate subject, and all official documents in Belarusian clay are written in Russian.
    • However, the locals will tell you a different story. If you ask them the language they speak, especially closer to the Polish, Ukrainian and Lithuanian borders, they'll say they speak a language called " Trasyanka ", a fusion between Russian and Belarusian, among other language fusions.
  • Belarus is pretty much flat all across their clay. Their highest point is only 345 meters high, and it’s a hill called Mount Dzyarzhynskaya. Geographers may tell you Belarus has flat clay due to the large amount of glacial scouring on the land.
    • However, tourists are often surprised to find mountain-like elevations on clay that is technically supposed to be flat. This is made by mining industries creating things called "spoil tips" (huge piles that are created by the accumulation of waste material that is removed during the mining process). Visiting or climbing them is strictly prohibited.

Як маляваць (How to draw)[edit | edit source]

Fun fact: Belarus’s current flag is just the flag of the Byelorussian Soviet Socialist Republic without hammer and sickle.

Flag of Belarus
  1. Draw a ball.
  2. Fill it with red.
  3. Add a green horizontal stripe at the bottom of the ball.
  4. Add a red vertical stripe on the left side of the ball.
  5. Draw some fancy patterns in red in the white stripe.
  6. Add the eyes and you’re done!
Color Name HEX
Amaranth Red #D22730
North Texas Green #009739

Галерэя (Gallery)[edit | edit source]